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Warranty for Weiss Instruments Temperature and Pressure Instruments and Controls


All the instruments are guaranteed for 12 (twelve) months from the Ship date, which is printed on the NSF label on the instrument.


The warranty does not cover any damage occurring to the instruments during transport.


The warranty does not include instrument damage due to improper installation; wrong electric connections differing from those indicated in the instructions, negligence or incapacity in servicing, tampering by non-authorized personnel, or any other cause not depending on Weiss Instruments Inc.


During the warranty period the seller will undertake responsibility for repair or replacement of instruments free of charge which according to its own unquestionable judgment, prove to be faulty when manufactured. The shipping costs are to be shared between the customer (when sending back the instruments) and the seller (when resending the instruments to the customer).




Before sending back the faulty instruments, Weiss Customer service office MUST be contacted to get the return RA #. The RA number MUST be specified on the documents relative to returned goods.


The warranty excludes any claim or indemnity right to profit losses or for moral, material or physical damages deriving from instruments manufactured or delivered by Weiss.


The warranty does not include any labor incurred by the buyer in servicing the unit unless it is approved in advance.


The defective instruments must be sent to:


Weiss Instruments LLC

200 Elizabeth St,

Mount Clemens, MI 48043


631-207-1200 • Fax: 631-207-0900




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