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Lead Free Bulletin -

Pressure Gauges for Potable Water Applications


Gauge Accessories


The "Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water Act"

came into effect January, 2014. Order with confidence,

NSF compliant products from Weiss,

backed by UL certification.






Light Powered Digital Process Pressure Gauges


• Transducer Based Construction

• Rugger Shock & Vibration Resistant


IP65 Weatherproof Housing


• ASME B40.7 Conformance

• User Selector Functions

• 4-20 MA Output

• <10 Lux Rating

• Large Display


Advanced Technology in Pressure Measurement


The wide acceptance and success of Weiss Light Powered

Instruments is attributed to their high level of quality and

 reliability as well as an understanding about the impractical

nature of changing batteries in industrial applications.


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